Los Compas Coffee is a small-but-mighty specialty coffee roaster currently located in a garage in Corona, California. If you hear about a lady in SoCal who accidentally blew up her house cooking coffee beans, that’s me.

My mission is simple: to roast premium delicious coffee from around the world for a superior cup, and to support teen entrepreneurs in Downtown Corona with education, mentorship, and scholarships in order to close what I call the Innovation Education Gap.


    The name "Los Compas" was inspired by a group of students in my homeroom when I taught at a continuation high school in Riverside, California. These students formed a tight-knit community in my classroom, the strength of which carried all of us through the deep isolation of online school during the pandemic.

    Prior to the lockdown, these students traveled as a pack on campus and even formed their own after-school soccer club. They began calling themselves Los Compas, the colloquial Spanish term compas signifying enduring friendship and loyalty. The name stuck with me and is the inspiration behind both the brand and the mission of Los Compas Coffee.